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Scott Spark


Cross-country mountain biking is a sport that combines stamina and skill, set in a beautiful natural backdrop of mountains, hills and peak districts. Comprised of a series of races from point to point through laid out trails, xc mountain biking is becoming ever more popular and receiving a growing amount of media coverage. It is an Olympic category while major events across the globe are held annually, culminating in the Cross-Country World Cup.


Cross-country mountain biking is available to any cycling enthusiast with men, women and children of all ages enjoying this opportunity of challenging themselves in stunning mountain surroundings. Trails range from forest firebreak tracks to narrow uphill or downhill single-tracks that test handling skills and endurance. Having the correct cross-country mountain bike helps bikers perform to their best ability, with beginners generally starting on a hardtail single suspension bike.


At SCOTT Sports, we offer a range of cross-country mountain bikes in differents sizes from XS to XL. General specifications include suspension forks of between 100mm and 120mm and 29-inch wheels. Having as light a bike as possible is also a consideration. Cross-country mountain bike frames are made of either aluminium or carbon with both having different advantages. On tough trails that involve a lot of uphill work, light weight is a distinct advantage which is where carbon mountain bike come into their own. They are snappier and respond more briskly, an important factor for novice riders or where mountain trails involve technical downhill stretches.

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