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Image of Guru Fitting system

Guru Fittings at RB Cycles

Welcome to the GURU Experience - The World's Most Advanced Fit System. 

The GURU Fit System provides cyclists of all ages and experience levels with the ability to find the perfect bike and riding position to match their riding preferences.

Image of person riding a road bike


Whether you're suiting up for a casual weekend ride, a Gran Fondo or a downtown crit, the GURU road fit module will help you find the legs for any outing on the tarmac. Your GURU fit delivers the best riding position to maximize comfort and efficiency for your adventures on the road.

Image of a person riding a road bike in a triatholon


Designed for all-out speed, the GURU triathlon/time trial fit module optimizes your aero position to keep you low and fast on any course. From a local sprint tri to lining up for your first TT, your GURU fit will keep your legs fresh for the run and deliver maximum performance.

Image of a person riding a mountain bike


No longer just reserved for roadies and triathletes, GURU is proud to introduce the industry's first-ever comprehensive mountain bike fit. The GURU mountain fit module allows you to compare different bike sizes and cockpit setups before you hit the trail - getting you dialed in for your first ride in the dirt or your next 100-mile epic.

Image of two people riding bikes recreationally


Break away from the daily grind. Proper bike fit is essential to getting the most out of your bike - even if you're just cruising around town. GURU's recreation fit module helps you select the best bike for running errands downtown or riding around the park.

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