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Kids Bikes

Remember your first bike? The sense of freedom and adventure? The thrill of moving faster than your feet could carry you? We want every kid to have a great first-bike experience, and a great experience with every bike after that.  That's why every model in our kids' bike collection is made to inspire a love of the two-wheeled life, from bikes with training wheels to performance road and mountain bikes for kids.

The first bike your kid gets is always full of fun and remembered for the rest of their life. It gives them a great sense of accomplishment. We provide everything your child needs to take their fun outside away from the Screen. As a parent, you want to give your child a durable bike so you don't have to buy a new one every time they have a school-term break. Our bike handlebars, brake levers, pedals, saddles, cranks, and grips are designed to suit a particular age rider. In RB cycles, we have a great variety of kids bikes to offer to your little ones.

As parents, we all want the same thing for our kids: a bike that provides safety, comfort, reliability, and ease of use without breaking the bank.

We want your child’s first riding experience to be as memorable as yours, and that’s why every child’s bike that carries our name is held to the same rigorous standards as all of the products we sell.

The bottom line is that getting your child on a well-designed machine is more economical for you in the long run, is easier to learn to ride, and ultimately more enjoyable for your kid from day one.

Here is our extended catalog of the best brands for Kids Bikes. Take a look!