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Triathlon Bikes

Triathlon bicycles are a variant of road-racing bicycles, designed primarily to optimize aerodynamics. Since in most triathlons, cyclists do not draft as in many other forms of road racing, triathletes can gain a significant advantage by riding a bicycle which reduces wind resistance. The most obvious features of a triathlon bicycle are the handlebars, commonly known as "aero-bars"

In addition, many components of a triathlon bicycle are designed with an aerodynamic profile: frame tubes have an oval or teardrop (instead of circular) cross-section; handlebars may be flat instead of round; wheels may have fewer spokes, or even be carbon fiber tri-spokes or discs rather than conventional spoked wheels. In RB cycles, we have a great variety of triathlon bikes to offer to you. 

Triathlon bikes aren't just highly refined, absurdly aerodynamic machines that cheat the wind, transfer all your power to the road, and carry what you need to stay on course.

These tri bikes are also your ticket to the final leg of the race.

Every detail of every tri bike we offer is designed to help you earn the best TT or bike split of your life, and still leave you with enough energy to crush the run.

Here is our extended catalog of the best brands for Triathlon Bikes. Take a look!