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person riding a road bike on a road


This bicycle is built for traveling at speed on paved roads. Road bikes are speed machines, bicycles designed to take you as far and as fast as your legs can manage. The road bike gets its name from the terrain it is designed to be used on.

3 people riding road bikes on a 2 lane road

Road bicycles are just that, bikes made for efficiently riding on roads. You'll know a road bike when you see one. It's characterized by its sleek look, with dropped, curving handlebars, narrow wheels and “skinny” tires, a small seat and lots of cogs, or gears, on the back wheel. In RB cycles, we have a great variety of road bikes to offer to you.

image of a person on a road bike, posing

Road bikes are designed to be ridden primarily on pavement for recreation, fitness, and speed. These are the bikes you see everywhere from the Tour de France to the group road ride at your local bike shop. Road bike technology has developed at a rapid pace, and new bikes are lighter, stronger, more comfortable, and faster than ever before.

Road bicycles are designed to be ridden fast on smooth pavement. They have smooth, skinny tires and "drop" handlebars, and can be used for on-road racing. They are usually lighter than other types of bicycles. All our road bikes will perform effectively in a wide variety of riding situations, from racing to long distance touring.

But each style is designed to emphasize certain rider priorities and be used for a particular type of ride. Determining which style of bike fits your goals is the first step in identifying the one that you’ll most enjoy riding.

Here is our extended catalog of the best brands for Road Bikes. Take a look!