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Hybrid Bikes

Hybrid bicycles blend characteristics from more specialized road bikes, touring bikes and mountain bikes. The resulting "hybrid" is a general-purpose bike that can tolerate a wide range of riding conditions and applications.

Image of a person riding their hybrid bike

Hybrids typically borrow the flat, straight handlebars and upright seating posture of a mountain bike, which many bicyclists find comfortable and intuitive. Hybrids also employ the lighter weight, thinner wheels and smooth tires of road bikes, allowing for greater speed and less exertion when riding on the road. Hybrid bikes often have places to mount racks and bags for transporting belongings, much like a touring bike. In RB cycles, we have a great variety of hybrid bikes to offer to you. 

Image of two people walking their hybrid bikes

Hybrid bikes serve many purposes. They're great for fitness, commuting, adventure, leisure, and more. Each one is designed for a comfortable and fun riding experience. If you're looking for a bike and are not sure what kind you should get, a hybrid is most likely the right choice.

Image of a woman riding a hybrid bike

Every Hybrid bike is versatile and can be ridden on a variety of surfaces, but each model has specific strengths. Some are especially fast on pavement, for instance, and others are especially comfortable on dirt paths and trails.

Image of two people on their hybrid bikes, by the ocean

To narrow your search when you're choosing a hybrid bike, the two main things you should consider are how you want to ride and where you want to ride.

Here is our extended catalog of the best brands for Hybrids. Take a look!