When the ransom was originally launched in 2006, it probably came as a bit of a surprise for the mtb industry. It was unusual to have a bike with 160mm of travel front and rear with great descending capability and that pedaled so well. At the time, the equalizer shock was leading the pack. Now, almost 13 years later, the ransom is back, and again hopes to shake the tree. 170mm of travel front and rear, up mountains, down them even faster, and as light as can be, the ransom is ready to turn heads once more.


While SCOTT always aims to have lightweight carbon bikes, they never compromise frame strength when doing so. Taking into consideration the riding this bike is designed for, they have created their strongest carbon frame to date.


On several Ransom and Genius models, you’ll find the all new FOX NUDE TR EVOL. What the TR allows you to do is to select what sort of progression you would like in Descend mode: more linear, or more progressive. By flipping the Ramp Adjust Lever, you can decide how your shock behaves while descending.


The Ransom also places a big emphasis on tire clearance. You can run either 27.5” or 29” tires on the Ransom, with the former allowing up to 2.8” tires and the latter allowing up to 2.6” wide. To switch from one wheelsize to the next, all you have to do is flip the chip on the linkage, swap wheels and you’re good to go!

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